Boaz Gabai


I was born and raised in Tel Aviv, and have been drawing since early childhood.
I graduated the 'Bezalel Academy of Art & Design-Jerusalem' and since 2003, I've been working as an illustrator and animator in various fields such as illustrating children's books, character and environmental design for animation, educational illustrations and concept design.
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I'm always trying to find new techniques and new fields of interest. My personal projects, an important part of my schedule, are sometimes becoming commercial, usually without losing their original touch.
In all my new projects I find the time to study the subject thoroughly and to understand the true essence of the subject.
Though I'd like to keep my artistic and intellectual freedom, I perceive my clients points of view as an important part of my work.
In my spare time I enjoy playing and writing music, studying history, Hebrew linguistics and nature studies, and of course- cooking.